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Welcome to Eric Pelz's Business and all his offerings.  Over the past decade I have been searching for the best sources to stay young, healthy, strong, vibrant, and along that path learning how to become wealthy!  I'm glad you found me, please subscribe to stay up dated on my latest!

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These are the few things that I can offer you to stay Young!  Whether local to Portage Park Chicago area or across the globe, I can help you out!   Start training with me today.   Start feeling and looking younger with Eric!  Or if you just want to upgrade your products in your life that you purchase daily.  I got you covered!  To add an online store, click ‘Add’, then click ‘Page’ and select ‘Online Store’ in the list.

Running Shoes
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Click this link and be brought to my Personal Training site to book your session with me, 10 year trainer who has countless success stories under my belt. 
Train with me in person, or online options (TBA) in the future.

One of a kind transdermal HGH homeopathic gel.  

The new and improved exogenous ketone drink with results that will knock your socks off. 


Thanks for your interest in Pelzfit Personal Training. For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!

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