• Eric Pelz

Your Accountability Mirror Has But One Purpose

The accountability mirror is for one purpose only, to keep you in check with all things in life! It's time to find your own motivation. When you sit down with a personal trainer you discuss your goals. You plan to achieve those right? In those goals you may not have talked about your "why." Why you want to achieve those goals.

This is your time to dig deep and find your why and use that as fuel to achieve your next workout without your personal trainer. It's time to decide why you want to lose 10 lbs. Why you want to fit into that suit again. Why you want to feel like you did 5, 10, or even 15 years ago. Well now is the time to do just that. Enter your Accountability Mirror.

Accountability Mirror

Go to the mirror and start talking with yourself. Start a 1 on 1 conversation. Get real with the person in the mirror. Tell that person why you are getting this workout in and what it means to you! Why you feel you want to workout and what is keeping you from it. What your struggles our with your own body. Why you want to change them. Tell this person that you are worth it, no matter what anyone else is saying, that you matter. Push yourself today in your workout and go crush some goals. Tell yourself that you matter and that it's your time. Time for ME!!

If you are looking for a workout partner, go find one at the gym. Ask people that you see daily why they are there and what their goals are. Find friends that are looking to achieve the same goals. Find yourself an accountability partner or visit me on Facebook, I can help!

Ways to use this accountability mirror are as follows. Your own health, your job, your relationships, your weaknesses, improving your strengths, your fears, and your dreams. Just be truthful to that person looking back at you in your accountability mirror. Don't sugar coat anything, be bold and mean if you have to with that person. After all it's you, you are a looking at. "What are you afraid of" he/she will say back to you :)

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