• Eric Pelz

How To Get Back On The Wagon

All of you know me as someone that has been obsessed with working out. Well it's been a tough two long years for me since staying home with my 3 boys, workouts have fallen off the wagon drastically. So much so that I went almost 2 years with no workouts. I can't believe I'm telling you all this, seriously I can't.

But I want you to know its okay to fall off. Its' alright that you have tough times. For me it was a matter of having my body be 100% ready to get back to it again. That story is for another time though. What I want to express to you today is when it comes to your body you should be doing something daily to try and keep yourself healthy, just liked I talked about in the last blog.

The Truth

The truth is I was still trying to do something everyday, just not my hard workouts for the time off. It's more than just workouts that keep you in shape and excited about your body and your health. If you are not watching what you eat every single day then you are missing out on excellent health. I mean that.

BE straight with yourself if you fell off the wagon. Tell yourself why you did and when you plan to get back on. Then look at the time you will be off and try and do one thing that will keep your body in peak physical shape. I don't care if you are trying to lose 200 lbs. and you just broke your leg on the ice or you just don't feel like doing (like I did for some time), it's important to do one thing that helps your body.

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